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Treez CEO John Yang Talks Retail Cannabis and Tech with Marijuana Retail Report

Nov 21, 2017 2:43:00 PM / by Barry Lai

A few days before the company’s big showing at the MJBizConTreez CEO John Yang sat down with the Marijuana Retail Reportfor an extensive interview about how his small business experience combined with years as an Accenture consultant in creating Treez; the pain points Treez solves for the cannabis industry; and how dispensaries are serving thousands of customers per day with Treez POS software.

“How do you intake patients in a medical space, let’s say up to four, five hundred patients a day with just one intake person and one security position?” Did you even know that was possible? …as a scrappy startup growing up and being more mature, we want to offer some of those insights back to the industry.”

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Barry Lai

Written by Barry Lai