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Love Thy Customer: How Treez is Making a Stellar Dispensary Experience Easier

Oct 25, 2018 10:16:27 AM / by Alyssa Schwartz

“Love thy customer.” We’ve all heard the same advice many times and many different ways, and at the center ring of our Treez trunk, we take this to heart — We obsess about our customers, and our customers’ customers. We designed some new features and workflows in our latest release to make it easier for dispensaries to help shoppers, and make the interaction less about a transaction and more about an amazing retail experience.

Easy intake access

  • “Can you change my nickname?”

  • “I changed my mind, can you sign me up here?”

  • “Could you ring this up on my account instead?

Hearing questions like these at the POS used to mean having to leave the order screen, but we’ve added a couple new ways to get to Intake from Sell Treez, designed so employees are more capable of helping customers out with their profiles no matter where they are in your shop. This isn’t the DMV after all — with Treez cannabis dispensary software, we aim to streamline your operation, not bounce customers around from place- to- place unnecessarily.

Clicking “See contact info” from Sell Treez will now open the customer’s profile in a separate browser tab so you can make any desired changes without leaving the POS. Saving your changes brings you right back to where you left off so you can complete the sale with updated customer information.

We’ve also added functionality allowing you to change or remove the customer associated with an existing order — at any point during the order process. This means, if you forgot to assign a customer before adding items to the cart, you can simply search for their name and attach them to the order it without clearing the products from the cart.

Similarly, if you assigned the wrong customer to the order, you can easily remove and replace them with the correct customer.

And if you search and find the customer doesn’t have a profile yet, you now also have the option to ‘+ Add New Customer’ which will open up their customer profile in a new browser tab so you can sign up a new customer without ever leaving their order.


Gender is complex

When an ID is scanned into Treez dispensary software, a profile is created based on the information on the ID. But people are more than what’s on their driver’s license, which is why we’ve introduced a way to record gender on customer profiles. If a customer prefers their gender is recorded as something other than what’s on their ID, Treez Intake now allows you to select from Male, Female, Non-Binary, or Unspecified.


Find your ‘No Customer’ customers

How can you determine which customer in your store a ‘No Customer’ order belongs to? Instead of pulling out your crystal ball, we came up a better option. When there’s no customer associated with an Express or In-Store order, the cards on the Fulfillment dashboard will show Order Notes where a customer’s name would be. Dispensary staff can use this field to include relevant information about the customer so they can easily be associated with their order later, and save the psychic readings for asking if that blind date is a good idea.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these updates. To get a full rundown of the latest and greatest from Treez at any time, take a look at our release notes by clicking “What’s New” from your portal’s homepage. And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you so shoot us a chat or email. After all, dispensary software that provides a seamless customer experience at the point of sale isn’t just our bread and butter — it’s our jam.

Alyssa Schwartz

Written by Alyssa Schwartz