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Something for Everyone: Updates Your Customers, Staff, and Accountant Will Love

Oct 24, 2018 1:54:09 PM / by Alyssa Schwartz

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Rewards, promotions, and specials are top-notch strategies proven to help your cannabis dispensary flourish. Believe it or not, despite lowering the cost of a sale, discounts can make customers happier, turn them into loyal visitors, and even increase spending overall! We know how much of an impact this can have on your retail business, which is why we’re so excited to announce some major updates to our discount functionality.

Simplified accounting? Yes, please!

That’s right! If your shop has customer rewards enabled, these can now be redeemed in Sell Treez as a discount, instead of a payment type. (The current default setting is for Sell Treez to treat rewards dollars as a method of payment.)

With rewards as a discount enabled, you’ll no longer need to manage and track an additional payment type. Instead, redeemed rewards dollars will be applied and tracked just like any other discount at your shop.

Changing how Treez’ point of sale software handles reward dollars at your dispensary will affect financial reporting, so we recommend consulting your accountant (to make sure everything’s good to go) and waiting until the 1st of a month before turning the feature on. You can also read about how rewards as a discount works in action here. When you’re ready, just shoot us a chat or email, and we’ll get you set up.

Rewards as a discount also has some sweet new features bundled with it. Let’s check ‘em out.

What you want, when you want it

We wanted to make it even easier for cashiers to find the POS discounts they need, so we created a new discount pop-up for when you have rewards as a discount enabled. The new interface keeps all your discounts in one place — making them easier to find and apply than ever before.

When one or more line items are selected, the discount pop-up will default to the line discount tab.

When no items are selected, the discount pop-up will default to the cart discount tab.

The pop-up only shows cashiers the POS discounts which can be applied based on what is selected in the cart — meaning, a more intuitive workflow, and no more greyed out clutter when trying to find the right discount.

(The discount pop-up is also where you’ll apply customer reward dollars. Easy.)

Would you rather...

see the total discounted amount per line, or see a breakdown of each discount? Remove discounts with one click, or have a more streamlined cart view? With rewards as a discount enabled, you get to pick from two discount views and there’s no wrong answer!

Our standard display shows every discount applied to each line in the cart, and always displays the discount details (such as name and amount) so they’re easy to find. And because you need to quickly correct mistakes mid-transaction, this view also allows you to delete discounts with a single click.

Our new discount interface reduces the number of discounts being displayed on each ticket line, by combining them into a single discount pill. Clicking the pill in the Discount column will allow you to view a breakdown of the applied discounts and is also how you’ll remove them. Meaning, you can see the cumulative amount of discounts being applied to each line without doing any mental math (phew!) — enjoy the clean design!

Fewer coins, less headache

A pocketful of coins isn’t exactly a pocketful of sunshine for your customers or your business — making coin change is time-consuming and carries a high risk for human error. The new Target Total feature allows customers to redeem Reward Dollars to turn their balance owed into an easy to transact whole dollar amount.

For example, if the total cost of an order is $10.33, and a customer has $2.60 in Rewards, you can use Target Total to apply the customer’s Rewards, lowering the amount owed to $10.00, $9.00, $8.00, or another amount defined by you or the customer, up to $2.60 lower than the total. Cashiers can transact faster and more accurately, and customers don’t have to jingle on their way out — it’s a win-win.

Check out this printable Quick Guide on Target Total for more information!

Like what you see? The new discount module, reduced discount display, and Target Total feature are part of the new rewards as a discount configuration, so just shoot us a quick chat or email at if you’re interested in getting it turned on!

Alyssa Schwartz

Written by Alyssa Schwartz