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VIDEO: Relive the Magic of MJBizCon 2018

Dec 20, 2018 4:25:46 PM / by Alyssa Schwartz

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a month since MJBizCon ended. For Treez, the conference presented an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, chat 1:1 with current and prospective customers, and showcase the cutting-edge products we have slated for release in early 2019. And while we were anticipating a positive outcome, we couldn’t have guessed just how amazing the response would be!

Our employees left the conference hoarse and exhausted — a testament to the many demos given and conversations had. We all agreed… it was a good problem to have. In all fairness, though, we have to attribute at least a few of the hoarse voices to the festivities that surrounded MJBizCon, like the rooftop party we threw at Palms Casino. It attracted the who’s-who of the cannabis industry and raged into the wee hours of Friday morning (as all good Vegas parties do). You can catch some highlights from the conference and party in the video below.

But all fun aside, it wasn’t the prospect of snagging an invite to our swanky party that drew conference goers to our booth… so, what was it?  

Well, for starters, our physical booth was objectively awesome (not to toot our own horn, but… toot-toot!). We transformed a shipping container into a glowing, multi-level beacon of matte white heaven, wrapped it in a living wall, and hung a giant, spinning Treez sign above it — you couldn’t miss it. It was incredible. Even still, it wasn’t that visually stunning nature of our booth that made Treez the hottest attraction on the expo floor, it was the diverse and forward-thinking products we were demoing there.

Diversified Product Offerings, from Seed to Sale

We exposed MJBC attendees to a buffet of inventive tools and features to suit the tastes of retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers alike. For dispensary operators, they got a chance to sample our new decentralized point of sale (DPOS) offerings, integrated (or standalone) payment processing capabilities, and self-service ordering kiosks. All of which are specifically designed to modernize and streamline the in-store retail experience. For cannabusinesses further up the supply chain, we used MJBizCon as an opportunity to announce our official acquisition of Mister Kraken, Washington state’s fastest growing cultivation and manufacturing software platform. By adding this dynamic, industrious team into the Treez family, we were able to catapult our cannabis POS platform into the seed to sale software space overnight. It also meant that we were able to dedicate the entire upper deck of our booth to showcasing our new end-to-end traceability modules, Grow Treez and Make Treez.

Our CEO, John Yang, said it best in that “This acquisition marries like-minded software — intuitive UX, data-first mentality, 24/7 customer service, automated compliance — into a single, integrated platform. Kraken’s modern, customer-centric approach to design and support is synergistic to our goals and vision for the future of Treez. With Kraken, we already have institutional knowledge built into our team.”

And he’s right.

Beyond blending similar company ethos’, this acquisition has allowed us to leapfrog over the obstacles often experienced during the early stages of new product releases. Which means, instead of beta testing new features, we’re able to focus our attention on simply integrating an already compliant, reliable system into the Treez platform — not to mention, it’s already been used by hundreds of producers and processors in Washington state! Needless to say, we’re looking forward to expanding our reach beyond retail in 2019 and seeing the many benefits our end-to-end integrated system can bring to our standalone, vertically-integrated and multi-license customers.

Unlocking Innovative Retail Solutions for the Modern Dispensary Operator

All that said, when it came to MJBC, it really was our retail display that drew attendees to our booth like moths to a flame. We decided the best use of space would be to create an interactive dispensary experience where attendees could engage hands-on with our vision for the future of cannabis retail — a future that’s more diverse, tactile and digitally-driven. After all, the modern shopper is busier and craves more self-service options, which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brick-and-mortar locations to rely solely on the over-the-counter exchange. Simply put, dispensary operators need more avenues to differentiate their business, reduce wait times, lower overhead costs, and increase transaction speed. And these are the exact problems our decentralized POS approach solves.

So, what is DPOS, really? It’s a modern in-store ordering system that leverages our eCommerce and Fulfillment modules to facilitate express order processing. Or, in other words, it allows dispensary operators to place communal tablets and/or self-service ordering kiosks in various locations around their store so customers can browse the menu at their own speed, place their order, process their payment, and sit tight while their order is fulfilled — no waiting in line required. At its very core, DPOS empowers customers to curate their own kind of shopping experience by ensuring those customers who crave more 1:1 attention have all the time they need to ask questions and work through product suggestions, and those that don’t, have a frictionless path for getting in and out as fast as possible.

At the conference, we demonstrated how this would work in the real world by placing a couple fully-integrated ordering kiosks out front, sprinkling tablets around the booth, and having our eCommerce menu open on our phones. When someone would stop by, we’d have them place an order for swag through one of these devices, which would immediately send the order to the back of house Fulfillment dashboard. As soon as the “order” was ready, we’d bring it out to them — in the exact same way an express order would be processed in a dispensary. And while we weren’t asking conference goers to purchase the swag, we’d be remiss not to mention that orders placed through the kiosk (which we partnered with Tevano Payment Solutions on) are capable of accepting cash or debit payments and dispensing proper change. Currently, the same payment solutions don’t exist for our mobile tablets, but we’ll be releasing our Treez Pay feature in 2019 to help tackle this obstacle.

Discover More Ways to Pay

Treez Pay is our response to the payment processing issue that many retailers face that prevents them from being able to accept anything other than cash payments. So, we’ve devised a way to offer either standalone or integrated solutions for PIN-based debit payments. Meaning, regardless of whether or not you use Treez as your POS, you’ll have access to our transparent, compliant, and competitively priced payments solutions — woo-hoo!

One of the many benefits of utilizing our integrated Treez Pay option is fewer manual discrepancies. Instead of relying on individuals to accurately input dollars and cents charged at the end of the day, the exact amounts will be automatically populated in your Treez portal — saving you time and headache. Aside from that, the payment providers that we work with are fully aware that we’re operating in the cannabis industry, so it’s less likely that one of your revenue streams will be shut down without warning.


As you can see, we squeezed every last ounce out of MJBizCon, and we did it in a way that was true to ourselves. We’ve always viewed this expo as an opportunity to showcase our latest and greatest and this year was no different. From day one, our goal has always been to integrate and automate the cannabis ecosystem to reduce unnecessary labor, eliminate manual errors, and to ease the growing pains for cannabis operators. And these are just a few of the many ways we’re doing it.

Frankly, while 2018 held a ton of excitement and growth for all of us at Treez, we simply can’t wait to show you all the incredible things we have slated for next year… don’t worry, we’ll be back in sunny Las Vegas before you know it!

If you’re looking for seed-to-sale cannabis business management software to streamline your operations and drastically improve the way you do business, reach out to us at — we’d love to show you around.

Alyssa Schwartz

Written by Alyssa Schwartz