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Crush 420 Records with These Two Epic Time-Saving Tips

Apr 17, 2019 9:49:18 AM / by Alyssa Schwartz

This years 4/20 is being touted as the biggest potential day for cannabis retail ever! In fact, some projections are even soaring as high as a 150% increase to sales on select product types during the big day. And with expectations of even more customer volume than last year, it’s more important than ever for your dispensary staff to be operating like a well-oiled machine.

That’s why we’re serving up a few time-saving tips and tricks to help you prioritize the customer experience, achieve peak employee productivity, and set your dispensary up for a record-breaking 420.

#1) Break the line before it starts

When a potential customer walks up to your store, the last thing you want them to see is a line. And if last year’s 420 is any indication, you can expect more than a 30% increase to volume, so you'll want to avoid bottlenecks at all costs. That’s why there’s the Treez iOS Intake App (beta). It functions exactly the same as our lightning-fast Customer Intake module but leverages the camera on your mobile iOS device to scan the 2D barcode on a driver’s license and add the customer to the queue.

Treez customers can download the beta app on any 6th-generation or newer iOS device, and enable their security guards (or other floating staff), to go down the line and check-in returning customers while directing new customers to sign-up at Intake. This check-in workflow provides seasoned patrons with the streamlined process they’re accustomed to while freeing up your front desk staff to focus on delivering a supercharged sign-up experience. Plus, the app communicates with the Treez portal in real-time, so express check-ins will appear in the queue across all of your devices immediately — regardless of whether your shop operates on PC or iOS machines.

Going forward, you can leverage the Treez Intake App to handle first-time sign-ups, too. But, when it comes to managing the 420 masses, we recommend the divide-and-conquer method — keeping specific employees focused on sign-in and others on sign-up.

If you’re looking for a more light-weight solution to help mitigate growing lines, consider hanging signs that direct customers to browse your online menu while they wait. Providing customers with a way to make decisions about their order before arriving at the point of sale is the fastest way to reduce transaction times and keep things flowing smoothly.

#2) Kick order prep into high gear

Once customers are in the door, the real fun begins! While you’ve likely been sharing holiday-specific discounts and promotions with your existing customers for weeks, newbies, medical patients, and/or less-informed clientele may require a little extra guidance. To combat long transaction times fueled by customer indecision at the POS, we recommend a 2-step process: 1) engage mobile cannabis consultants, and 2) utilize the Treez Fulfillment dashboard.

Step 1: Engage mobile cannabis consultants

As the phrase goes, “many hands make light work,” — so, if you want to dominate this 420, employee specialization is the name of the game. In other words, don’t wait until a customer reaches the POS to start exploring what products they’re interested in, engage with them as early on as possible. After all, customers are likely to be waiting in line at one point or another, so why not use this time to your advantage?

To do this, equip mobile cannabis consultants with an extra tablet or iPad capable of running Sell Treez POS, and have them work their way down the line offering 1:1 consultations. This strategy allows for more time to be spent on creating an awesome customer-centric experience, without sacrificing workflow efficiency — leading to more repeat business beyond the surge of 420 as well. Another benefit of this approach is consultants can pre-build orders via the saved sale function in Sell Treez, so customers are encouraged to make time-consuming purchasing decisions before arriving at the coveted sales counter. A win-win opportunity for everyone.

Sure, you can unleash the power of mobile consultants and stop there — there’s no doubt you’ll experience epic time-savings with that tidbit alone. But, if you really want to transform your dispensary into the uber-efficient, 420-ready operation, our Fulfillment dashboard is here to help!

Step 2: Utilize the Treez Fulfillment dashboard

So you’ve deployed your cannabis consultants, now what? Well, it’s time to take advantage of our efficiency-boosting Fulfillment dashboard. Located under the ‘Retail’ tab in Treez, this high-volume-friendly tool enables seamless collaboration across your front of house and back of house staff — transforming your order processing workflow into an express assembly line.

Sure, you can unleash the power of mobile consultants and stop there — there’s no doubt you’ll experience epic time-savings with that tidbit alone. But, if you really want to transform your dispensary into the uber-efficient, 420-ready operation, our Fulfillment dashboard is here to help!

Here’s how it works: different order types (pick-up, express, in-store, and delivery) can be set to display on the Fulfillment dashboard — which types you reveal will differ based on your dispensary’s offerings and workflows. From here, your order fulfillment team can work together to push orders from ‘Verification Pending’ (reserved for first-time medical patient’s orders) to the ‘Packed & Ready’ stage with a few swift clicks. To ensure customers are getting exactly what they ordered, employees can simply open an order “card” and scan the product’s barcode to fulfill the item on the order. Each time an order flows into a new stage on the dashboard, customers will receive an automated text letting them know how close their order is to being ready. Once the order is packed and ready, sales associates can simply locate the saved sale in Sell Treez and check the customer out lickety-split.

(Note: Our SMS features requires a Twilio account be configured within the Treez portal. If you’re using this module for the first time during the 4/20 holiday, customers won’t receive automated status updates; however, they’ll likely already be waiting in line, so it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.)

Now that you know how to use the Fulfillment dashboard, let’s connect the unique workflows being performed by your FOH and BOH staff that will help you achieve peak productivity.

If your line warriors (a.k.a. cannabis consultants) are laser-focused on offering personalized recommendations and building saved sales, that means your BOH team can center their attention on preparing orders (via the Fulfilment dashboard) while your POS operators can work on collecting payment and making accurate change. This diversified sales strategy will maximize customer wait time, enhance the overall customer experience and minimize transaction time. Which, as we’ve already mentioned, is a win-win for all.


The inevitable side effect of the increased volume surrounding 420 is that it’ll likely lead to longer wait times than normal. However, savvy operators can aim to use this downtime to their advantage by looking for ways to optimize customer wait time while enhancing the in-store experience. And for Treez’s operators, you can head into the biggest 420 in cannabis retail history, with nothing but confidence in your platform and a dedicated and attentive team at your back.   

If you’re a dispensary, cultivation or vertically-integrated operation that’s eager to learn more about how Treez’s enterprise-level seed-to-sale solution can benefit you, let us know — we’d love to hear from you!

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Alyssa Schwartz

Written by Alyssa Schwartz