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Hall of Flowers Season 3 Recap

Oct 3, 2019 1:40:56 PM / by Andy Magnes

HallOfFlowers Season 3


They say Season 3 of every great show is when things really hit the next level. When the core identity solidifies and it takes on a life of its own beyond itself. This season, Hall of Flowers fully took over as the industry's premiere cannabis event. Even the increased focus on compliance due to Metrc rollout couldn’t slow down the now iconic Santa Rosa juggernaut. 

In every way, Hall of Flowers Season 3 was an unmitigated success. Not only was it the largest B2B conference in cannabis, the main dispensary (run by Treez + Garden of Eden) set the record for most transactions over 2 days in the history of legal cannabis! In spite of the record-setting volume, the 90-120 min waits of Season 1 and 2 were replaced by 20 minutes max of smooth sailing. It was the culmination of months of planning and coordination between hundreds of talented and committed individuals. But as good as things ran on the surface, the most groundbreaking advances of the Hall of Flowers onsite dispensary happened under the hood.


treez_hof_chart_4 (1)-1


Brands are the real story of Hall of Flowers, and the launch of BrandTreez – the first-ever universal standardized cannabis product catalog – not only gave brands full control of their product listings for the first time ever, it was a major reason behind why the retail dispensaries ran so smoothly. 

Product inventory intake was a seamless process due to each Brand pre-loading their products on BrandTreez. For the first time, they controlled the look and feel of their listings as well as the mechanics of the next step. On the day before the event, all the brands needed to do was walk in with their manifest and they were done. No manual inputs, no incorrect products, quantities or units of measure. Not only was product intake smooth, but consolidated listings meant consolidated data, which ensured normally onerous processes on both ends were much easier and more transparent.

On the other end, after working out the HOF Season 2 kinks, Treez and Garden of Eden ensured that fully compliant buyback was a breeze. BrandTreez sent out inventory pulses throughout the event to each brand, providing real-time visibility of remaining inventory at any given time.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 1.00.20 PM

With this information in hand, brands knew exactly how much product was left and the right number of people and money to bring to complete buyback. The whole process took under an hour for the entire dispensary

Hall of Flowers Season 3 was a huge success, and the dispensary ran smoother than ever in large part due to the power of BrandTreez. We saw the future of cannabis unfold before our eyes, and that future is powered by Treez.

Next, we’ll be diving deeper into the data, as well as how the marriage of SellTreez and BrandTreez created an inventory compliance workflow more efficient and transparent than anything the industry has ever seen, including aggregated data around product subtypes and attributes, such as type of cartridge, flavors, strains, terpenes, and effects.

Any data you’d like to see? Contact us or let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, here’s some more insight on how we’ve seen product type change from 4/20/19 through HOF Season 2 and 3.

HOFs3 (1)HOFs2 (1)420-2019 (1)


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Andy Magnes

Written by Andy Magnes