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Introducing: The Compliance Management Module

Jul 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Sophia Chong

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to resolving Metrc discrepancies. Even though you may have stellar inventory management practices, the reality is, mistakes happen and discrepancies will inevitably arise. On any given day, dispensaries encounter a wide variety of complex cases that may cause a discrepancy to occur — inaccurate inventory counts, Metrc outages, API performance issues, scanning the wrong product at checkout, etc. But no matter how tight of a ship you run, at some point, your physical and digital inventories will come out of alignment and you'll need to take action to get them back in good standing. And because discrepancies are kind of like snowflakes — each requiring an investigation, correction, and resolution that’s as unique as they are — we’ve designed our industry-leading Compliance Management module to give you the insight you need to hone in on the unique resolution each discrepancy requires.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Metrc Needs

As a Metrc-enabled dispensary, your business has 3 inventories to keep track of: your physical inventory (the number of units you actually have), your Metrc inventory (the number of units Metrc thinks you have), and your Treez inventory (the number of units Treez thinks you have). The goal of track-and-trace compliance is to always have all three in perfect alignment and accurately reflecting your physical inventory numbers — a world compliance teams have only dreamt about. But when discrepancies pop-up (whether they’re differences between sales or inventory) the new Compliance Management module has every angle covered. 

The module is split into two pages: Metrc Control and Metrc True-Up. Each is built to play its own distinct role in your quest for flawless sales and inventory matching across Treez and Metrc, and when used together, will save you headaches and dollars in the long run. By giving you a birds-eye view of how Metrc and Treez compare in real-time, along with the power you need to knock your sales or inventories back into alignment, you’ll be armed and ready to take charge over your own Metrc compliance. So tell your compliance officer to get ready… because the Compliance Management module is here to make their dreams a reality. 


Metrc Control

The Metrc Control page gives you a comprehensive view of your Treez portal’s conversation with Metrc. In short, it shows all transactions and adjustments that have successfully been sent to Metrc, as well as any errors that get returned from Metrc and need to be resolved. 

Think of the communication from Treez to Metrc as a highway, where sales, returns, and adjustments are traveling to their destination via the API. The Metrc Control page is your view of the highway from an overpass — it’s where you can see traffic moving, but also see where there might be a car on the side of the road that needs help before it can get going again. 

Any time something is sent from Treez but isn’t received successfully by Metrc, you can view it on the Metrc Control page along with detailed information about the issue, and what corrective action needs to be taken to get the transaction sent and accepted. This process is vital to maintaining inventory accuracy across your physical, Treez, and Metrc inventories because the counts of packages cannot be correct if sales or adjustments performed in Treez aren’t reflected in Metrc.  

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Metrc True Up

The True Up tool shows you a detailed list of all packages with quantity discrepancies between Treez and Metrc, so you have an at-a-glance view of what inventories need your attention.

Even after all your sales and adjustments have been sent to Metrc, there may still be outstanding discrepancies where the quantity in Metrc and the quantity in Treez are mismatched. These remaining discrepancies are most commonly caused by human error, which is an unavoidable reality for any operator. When they occur, operators need a quick and simple way to identify these discrepancies, and get their inventories back in sync. 

The Metrc True Up page arms you with the awareness and ability needed to not only address these discrepancies, but also to help you and your staff learn from the mistakes that caused them so you can prevent them moving forward. Once you’ve reviewed the discrepancies, the True Up page also gives you the ability to do exactly that: true-up your inventory, which sends an adjustment to make a package’s quantity in Metrc match the quantity in Treez, either package-by-package or in bulk. 

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Ultimately, the goal of track-and-trace compliance is to always have Metrc in perfect alignment with your point-of-sale system, by accurately reflecting the sales that occurred and your physical inventory numbers. But when hiccups happen, what’s most important is having a fast and easy way to get your sales and inventory back in sync. No one ever said that compliance was easy, but Treez operators can rest easy knowing that they have control over this critical aspect of their business and the tools they need to keep them on the long term road to success.


Heads up! We'll slowly be rolling out the Compliance Management module to clients over the next few weeks, and will notify you when it becomes available for your shop — stay tuned!


Sophia Chong

Written by Sophia Chong