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Meet The Most Powerful & Versatile Fulfillment Dashboard Ever

Jun 24, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by Alyssa Schwartz

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These days, having a well-oiled fulfillment flow is not only smart — it’s necessary. 

Since COVID-19 hit, customers have been feverishly seeking alternative solutions to in-store sales, turning primarily to curbside pick-up or delivery. For Treez operators, this meant that reliance on the Fulfillment dashboard — a module designed to enhance employee collaboration and transform the order fulfillment process into a sleek assembly-line — skyrocketed overnight. As more users and orders flowed into the dashboard than ever before and as order messaging between staff-and-customer spiked, one thing became abundantly clear: our fulfillment dashboard wasn’t equipped to handle the newfound demand, and we still had our work cut out for us.So, over the past couple of months, we gathered your feedback and put our brightest minds to work designing, testing, and re-testing every nook and cranny on the dashboard. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the most stable, versatile, and customizable Fulfillment dashboard ever!  

From collapsible cards, customer badges, and order notifications to a completely refreshed UI, two-way chat linking, and a customizable page view, we’ve kept the features you love and overhauled the ones you didn’t. Let’s check it out, shall we?


Get More Information Upfront

As soon as you land on the updated dashboard you’ll notice the order cards have a fresh new look. The sleek redesign freed up plenty of room for more important information, like active chat icons, customer badges, revenue source, and order channels. This lets you get a more holistic view of the orders in your pipeline and assign internal fulfillment tasks more efficiently. 

Cannabis Order Fulfillment Cards

Paid Order Icons

For customers who leverage our One-Click Mobile Payments, you’ll now be alerted to which orders have already been paid for, thanks to our ‘Paid’ or ‘Unpaid’ order tiles. Knowing this tidbit upfront enables you to create an express pick-up experience by prioritizing those orders. Plus, when other customers see the time-savings benefit of pre-payment, more of them will be incentivized to use this functionality, and your order values will continue to climb.

Customer Badges

Similar to our payment tiles, we’ve also introduced customer badges. These colorful badges, give users clues into whether a customer is new or underage or if they have any warnings or bans linked to their account. A great benefit of this nifty addition is that it allows you to easily decide if an order is ready to be packed, or if there are additional steps that need to be taken before doing so.

Cannabis Customer Badges for Safety and Compliance


Communicate with Customers More Effectively

As if all of those enhancements weren’t enough, we’ve also incorporated active chat icons onto the main order card. These handy visuals depict if an active chat is linked to that order and whether or not you have any unread messages, allowing you to keep customer communication top-of-mind. These icons will only appear if you or the customer has manually sent an SMS, and won’t appear if only the automated messages have been exchanged. 


Two-Way Chat Linking

We heard from you that you needed greater control when it comes to navigating between the order-and-message center. That’s why we’ve introduced two-way chat linking! This efficiency-boosting feature makes it so that you can simply click on the ‘Contact Customer’ icon (from inside the order card) to automatically open the corresponding SMS thread. Likewise, you can click on the order number from inside the SMS window to be taken back to the associated order card. Easy right? Aside from dramatically streamlining back-and-forth communication, we just think this feature is pretty slick.

Ease customer communication with two-way- chat linking


Customize Your Settings to Match Your Responsibilities

The key to collaboration is clarity, and when it comes to order fulfillment, this means having the ability to focus on the orders (or steps) in the process that matter most to you. With our new display and notification settings, you’ll be able to customize your dashboard experience to focus on the tasks you’re responsible for while filtering out the ones you’re not. While we were at it, we also improved the search and sort functionality to help you organize and locate orders based on a wider set of criteria. 

Display Settings and Filters

Nested below our ‘Filter’ and ‘Settings’ buttons you can now find a bunch of exciting new display modifications that give you complete control over which orders you’re viewing. Collapse cards to fit more orders on screen, hide and expand columns to zoom in on specific stages, or strategically filter orders by status, type, channel, inventory location, customer group, and more. 

Expand or collapse customizable cannabis order cards


Order Notifications 

When orders are pouring in, it can be difficult to make sure you’re not missing any. As one of our longest requested dashboard features, our new order notification chime can be enabled to give users an audible heads-up whenever a new order is dropped into the dash. Even better, we’ve made the notification dynamic, so if you have certain filters applied, like you’re only viewing ‘pick-up’ orders in the ‘Packed & Ready’ stage, you’ll only hear the chime when a new pick-up order comes into the Packed & Ready column. Pretty snazzy, huh?


In Summary

Built for speed and specialization, our refreshed Fulfillment dashboard is jam-packed with more enhancements than even we know what to do with! While shelter-in-place and social distancing orders have started to lift, fulfillment workflows are here to stay. With this in mind, we’re committed to continued optimization of the Fulfillment dashboard and bringing Treez operators even more intuitive, industry-leading tools that keep productivity high and ease the stresses around running a high-volume dispensary. And since our work is never truly done, we’d love to hear more from you about what features you love… and which could still be better. Enjoy! 

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Alyssa Schwartz

Written by Alyssa Schwartz