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Quick Hits: California Cannabis Taxes

Oct 23, 2019 5:00:00 PM / by Caitlin Pellas


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Welcome to Quick Hits! We understand how much time it takes to run a successful legal cannabis operation, so we’re serving up downloadable quick-hit guides that will help get you up to speed on everything from Metrc to taxes to discounting.

In this Quick Hits guide, we’re talking about taxes. “Fun!” – Said no one, ever. You’re not alone if just reading the word ‘taxes’ induces some level of stress. But fear not! We are here to shed light on the different types of taxes placed on California cannabis operators in a one-page, easy to understand guide.

A few things to note about the California cannabis taxes detailed in the guide:

  • These taxes often compound (are applied on top of one another), though the order in which they’re applied will depend on your individual city or county.
  • Medical cannabis recommendations issued by private companies or personal physicians are not accepted for the purpose of sales tax exemption, though some cities and counties accept them for Local Marijuana Business Tax (MBT) exemption.
  • Treez allows you to control which taxes are displayed on your receipts and how they appear.

The city or county where your operation is located will determine whether to assess additional taxes on cannabis sales, so be sure to check the regulations in your area to see if these additional taxes apply to you. Don’t worry, we discuss this type of additional tax in the guide!

Treez has a front and back-of-house retail platform, SellTreez, that features tax modules that automatically calculate appropriate state and local taxes and allow you to customize how they appear on customer receipts. These best-in-class tax modules alleviate uncertainty around tax calculation, preventing any surprises come reporting time.

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Caitlin Pellas

Written by Caitlin Pellas