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Quick Hits: Target Total

Nov 8, 2019 6:10:34 PM / by Caitlin Pellas


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Welcome to Quick Hits! We understand how much time it takes to run a successful, compliant cannabis operation, so we created downloadable quick-hit guides that will help get you up to speed on everything from Metrc to taxes to discounting.

This Quick Hits guide goes into more detail on setting a target total and the process used to apply this checkout option at point-of-sale. This functionality can only be used if the operator has an established customer rewards program, since it uses rewards dollars to discount the cart to the set target total.

The target total functionality in SellTreez allows a customer to name a total dollar amount they’d like to spend and the cashier to apply the customer’s rewards dollars to hit that total. Setting a target total also allows the cashier to turn the balance owed into an easy-to-transact whole dollar amount, automatically applying the customer’s rewards dollars to the difference. Fill out the form below to download the full guide that runs through the process of setting a target total in SellTreez.

This payment method is most often utilized by customers who prefer to use cash and have a rewards dollars balance. Customers have come to expect benefits in exchange for their return business. If you’re reading this and haven’t yet set up a customer loyalty program, we’d highly recommend doing so! SellTreez has a built-in loyalty program available to use and also integrates with popular loyalty platforms like SpringBig or whatever platform you’re currently using for rewards.

There are a few different ways to redeem rewards dollars at checkout in SellTreez. We review the available processes in the step-by-step guide found in Quick Hits: Redeeming Rewards as a Discount.

If you have any questions about the Treez ecosystem, feel free to get in touch HERE or set up a demo HERE.

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Caitlin Pellas

Written by Caitlin Pellas