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Torrey Holistics: Setting A Higher Bar for Success With Treez

Nov 14, 2019 2:56:54 PM / by Andy Magnes posted in compliance, POS software, taxes, Success Stories


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SPARC Joy: Successful Metrc Compliance, Automated Across All Five Dispensaries with Treez

Oct 10, 2019 3:22:18 PM / by Andy Magnes posted in Metrc, METRC Integration, Success Stories


Every cannabis software company says they “integrate with Metrc”. If you've heard it during a sales pitch, it sounds easy. But what does that really mean? Is it even possible to have an easy migration and go live without a hitch? What do the process and support look like? And what are some of the success stories of smooth integrations and the secrets that led it? During this critical time in the industry as track-and-trace systems come online, Treez is cutting through the noise to show you exactly how a successful Metrc integration works in the real world.

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