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Torrey Holistics: Setting A Higher Bar for Success With Treez

Nov 14, 2019 2:56:54 PM / by Andy Magnes


Cannabis is a special industry. This is especially true in California, where a unique new challenge seems to pop up every day. That’s why it takes the right partnership and communication between a dispensary and their software platform to not only solve, but predict these challenges before they even happen. For nearly 3 years, the partnership between Torrey Holistics and Treez has not only been mutually beneficial, but we’ve collectively set the bar higher for the cannabis industry at large by collaborating on industry-leading product features.

Founded in 2015, Torrey Holistics owns the distinction of being the first dispensary in California to be awarded a license for Adult Use cannabis sales. This means that they’ve not only had to deal with a high volume of customers, but they’ve also been under the microscope from Day 1. As a result of that increased visibility and scrutiny, it was crucial for Torrey to be lightyears ahead of their competition in terms of operations, management, and regulatory compliance. They needed a software platform to meet them at that higher level, and that’s why they chose to partner with Treez.


In the decade prior to working at Torrey Holistics, Managing Director Dave Dallal served as CFO for several high profile companies, so both his operational expertise and software demands were well beyond the cannabis industry. Once Treez was selected as Torrey’s retail software platform, Dave worked together with our support team and engineers to ensure SellTreez had all the features he needed to keep his dispensary running at the level he was accustomed to, especially through recreational legalization and now Torrey’s migration onto Metrc

As Dave explained, “Treez has always been open to our suggestions. They take our feedback seriously and understand the necessity of certain features we need to be successful.” This mutually beneficial partnership was more apparent than ever right before recreational legalization. 

On January 1st, 2018, with lines around the block and local news crews capturing every moment, Dave remained confident his investment in Treez would pay off, especially with the new tax regulations. He continued, “A great example of how we worked together with Treez before recreational legalization was the updated tax module. I worked directly with Treez’s development team to create a recreational-compliant tax module, with all the nuances we needed. That’s always been my favorite Torrey-Treez accomplishment.”

The features didn’t stop there, as Dave made clear. “After recreational went live, Treez made it easy to see where we stood on inventory at any given time. We could easily run reports to see demand for certain products as well as ramp up staff based on the busiest hours. Not only did Treez reports help with inventory, they helped with staffing too.” In short, the accurate visibility at every level of his business helped Torrey Holistics resource properly, handle the longer lines, and optimize financial overhead.

But as Dave emphasized, software is only as good as the operators using it. “The key is you need to be constantly on top of everything, from inventory to finance to compliance. Make sure your practices are the best they can be. Then you can rely on the software to do the rest.” 


The partnership between Torrey Holistics and Treez created an open line of communication between operator and software provider. This led to the development of features that both improved the Treez platform and addressed the ever-evolving needs of its most sophisticated operators like Torrey. 

In cannabis, software is only as good as the operators it supports, and Treez has been fortunate enough to work with the best the industry has to offer. 

As for what’s next? Dave’s feature list never rests. “The next phase is features that will make it easier for a normal user to understand reordering and inventory turnover. Once the science is perfected for regular users to forecast demand and reorder properly, we’ll be really excited.”

Hey BrandTreez...I think he’s talking about you.

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Andy Magnes

Written by Andy Magnes